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Holiday: Arbor Day

These sites offer ideas and activities for celebrating Arbor Day. Includes information on the history of Arbor Day, plus interactive games, online puzzles, and hands-on crafts. Also includes general information about trees and the products that come from them. There is a link to an eThemes resources on Trees, Plants: Species and Parts, and Earth Day.


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Read the history of Arbor Day. Find out the many uses of trees, learn how to make your own paper, and learn how to plant a tree.
Includes the history of Arbor Day and information on how it has spread to different countries. Also has a list of the state trees and when Arbor Day occurs in each state.
Learn about the history of Arbor Day and why it is celebrated. Includes photographs.
Here are some ideas to help celebrate Arbor Day. Includes seven craft ideas with instructions. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site has valuable information on forests. There are descriptions on how things are made including a video on tissue making (see link under "Paper Making"). Click on "Other Cool Sites" for a listing of more Web sites. Click on "National Geographic" for an interactive tour through a forest.
This site is from the the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. There is a student guide with short articles on various tree topics. There is also a useful "Glossary." The teacher guide provides activities to go along with the student articles.
This site educates students about trees in the forest. Includes basic knowledge, online games, handouts, and more.
The site explains how evergreen trees are grown, harvested, and sold for Christmas.
Find out about Arbor Day in each state and around the world. Learn about Arbor Day history. There are ideas for celebration, games, and activities that go along with Arbor Day.
Click on the interactive map to learn more about the benefits of trees and their value to communities.
In this lesson, students explore the role that forests play in their own lives by listing everyday products made from trees. Then students research and categorize less common products that may not be as familiar to them.
This site provides lesson plans and activities ideas for teaching about trees using Arbor Day theme. Note: This site includes ads.
Learn how to identify various species of trees from their leaves. Many sites focus on Missouri trees. Also find out why leaves change color in the fall. Includes a leaf cam, online games, handouts, art activities and other lessons relating to trees.
This eThemes Resource has information on different species of plants as well as their parts and functions. Has some sites relating to trees.
These sites are about Earth Day. Includes classroom and community activities to celebrate this holiday. Many sites explain how to protect the environment and conserve energy. There are links to eThemes Resources on recycling, pollution, and Arbor Day.

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