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Literature: "Because of Winn-Dixie" by Kate DiCamillo

These sites have discussion questions and activities relating to the book “Because of Winn-Dixie.” Read an interview with the author, Kate DiCamillo, plus learn about Florida, which is the setting for the book. A main character is a dog, so there are sites on selecting a dog breed, how to calculate your dog’s age, plus online dog games. Includes recipes for egg-salad sandwiches and horehound candy.


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Read this transcript from an interview with author Kate DiCamillo and find out if she likes writing. Click on "Because of Winn-Dixie" to read a summary of the book.
Click on the "Section" links for activities. Students are to take on the following roles: character sketcher, discussion director, passage picker, word wizard, and summarizer. NOTE: The example links in chapter one are broken.
Follow the links to read more about Florida and its history from this government site. (The book's setting in Naomi might be a fictional town.)
Can you guess what Florida's state beverage is? Find out this symbol and many more by clicking on the links.
Visit the official site of Winn-Dixie stores. Under "Stores and Specials," click on "Locate a Store" to see a map of locations, and "Tour a Store" to find out what they have to offer. Under "Company Info," click on "General Information" to read the company's history.
View a picture of the herb horehound and try the recipes for horehound candy.
Learn about the history and various uses of horehound. Click on "Horehound Candy" for recipes.
Try this fun site to decide which breed of dog is best for you.
This is the 2000 list of the 50 most popular dogs in the United States according to the American Kennel Club. Click on the links for illustrations of each of the dog breeds. Click on "The World's Best Dogs" to read about people's pets.
This site has many, many links about dogs. Includes stories, poems, and thoughts from children.
Click on the squares and try to uncover 10 hidden bones in less than a minute. Fun for the SMARTboard.
See the book covers and read a brief bit of information about this popular novel that was made into a movie. NOTE: The video on this site is inoperable.
Try this easy recipe for egg-salad sandwiches. Preparation time is 10 minutes and cooking time is 15 minutes.
After exploring the links in the drop-down boxes, click on "Take our Quiz" to test what you have learned.
This is a study guide for the novel "Gone With The Wind." Read the plot summary, famous quotations, and key facts.

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