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Literature: "The Courage of Sarah Noble" by Alice Dalgiesh

These sites offer ideas for activities relating to the book “The Courage of Sarah Noble.” Writing activities involving characters from the book are given. Includes eThemes Resources on Native Americans and colonial life, which are main topics in the story.


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This site provides brief biographical information about the author of "The Courage of Sarah Noble".
The complete story of "The Courage of Sarah Noble" can be watched by your students.
This site provides possible discussions, activities and additional historical fiction and nonfiction titles which deals with Colonial America. "The Courage of Sarah Noble" is listed as one of the recommended titles. Note: This site contains advertising.
This activity involves students reading historical fiction and writing resumes for the characters in the book. "The Courage of Sarah Noble" is one of the titles on the historical fiction recommended list.
This three-page PDF includes a summary of the book, comprehension questions, extension questions, and some suggested activities.
Sites include information about Native Americans in the Woodland Region. Learn about how they used wigwams and longhouses for shelter. Also covers other aspects of their lives, such as food, tools and arrows. Includes two links to other eThemes Resources on Native Americans.
These sites tell about the founding history of the first thirteen colonies. Read about the people who were involved and find out about daily life in colonial times.

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