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Literature: "Soldier's Heart" by Gary Paulsen

These websites are about the book “Soldier’s Heart” and author Gary Paulsen. Includes Gary Paulsen’s homepage, several lesson plans, Civil War maps, and information about Civil War volunteers from Minnesota. There are links to eThemes on Gary Paulsen and Civil War topics.


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Here is a discussion guide to go along with the novel. Click on "Interview Transcript" to read an interview with Gary Paulsen.
Read this excerpt from the book. Click on "Teachers Guide" for an extensive teaching guide for the book. NOTE: There is a link to a website with a discussion forum.
Here is the official website of author Gary Paulsen. Click on "Library" then "Soldier's Heart" for a link to an excerpt from the book.
Click on each state to see a map of the battles of the Civil War and links to information about those battles. NOTE: The website includes ads.
These sites are about the book "Mr. Tucket" by Gary Paulsen. Includes book reviews, biographies on the author, and suggested activities. There are links to eThemes Resources on covered wagons, the Oregon Trail, and pioneers.
These websites are about author Gary Paulsen and his books. Includes biographical information, interviews, lesson plans, activity ideas, and book reviews. There is also a booklist of adventure stories for teens. Many of the websites and lesson plans deal with the common Paulsen theme of survival. There are links to eThemes resources on "Mr. Tucket" by Gary Paulsen and the Iditarod.
Learn the reasons why the Civil War began. Read about several battles and military leaders. Includes timelines of major events and maps of the battle areas. View photographs of the war and the men and women involved. There are links to several eThemes Resources on the Civil War.
These sites are about Union soldiers and their beliefs about the Civil War. Read letters written by soldiers to friends and family members. See the uniforms they wore and other artifacts from the war. There are links to eThemes Resources on Confederate Soldiers and an overview of the Civil War.

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