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Poetry Slams

These sites feature resources about poetry slams. Follow lesson plans to help plan a poetry slam, view pictures and videos of poetry slam participants, and find tips for how to write better poetry. There are links to eThemes Resources on the Value of Poetry and Poetry Imagery.


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Marc Kelly Smith is the founder of the poetry slams, first begun at the Green Mill in Chicago. Read more about the origins of poetry slams. Click on "Media" to watch two videos of Marc performing, and one clip featuring the Green Mill on the Oprah Winfrey show. NOTE: This site needs Flash to play videos.
Learn more about the details and history of poetry slams by reading these frequently asked questions. NOTE: This site leads to an unmoderated forum.
Read this article about teens who will participate in a poetry slam, an event that promotes literacy and provides opportunities for youth to have their voices heard. NOTE: This site includes ads and links to social networking sites.
This unit includes four separate lesson plans. Topics include: introducing poetry to students, connecting rap lyrics to poetry, reading published poems, learning how poetry can serve as social commentary, and having students write poetry in their own voice.
This lesson plan offers tips on how teachers can stage a poetry slam either in the classroom or for the entire school. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Use this online rhyming dictionary to assist with writing poetry. NOTE: This site includes Google and other banner ads.
Read more about how the White House has recognized youth poetry slams as a form of artistic self-expression.
Watch a short video about how poetry slams provide a platform for ideas to be shared. Click on the "Photo Gallery" links to see still photos of poetry slam performers.
Use this lesson plan to have students create a PowerPoint presentation to visually accompany their poetry.
This site includes 180 poems, one for each day of the school year. Use these poems to inspire you to write ones of your own.
Read a brief description about poetry slams. Follow the links to read transcripts of PBS interviews with poetry slam participants. NOTE: Links lead to YouTube videos. Teachers should preview links in case they include the use of profanity.
Learn how poetry slams are not limited to the United States by reading about students who participate in poetry slams in England.
These sites are about the value of poetry. Read articles to find information about and functions of poetry in education and therapy. There is a link to eThemes resource on Poetry: Imagery.
These sites are about imagery in poetry and writing. Learn what imagery is and how it can be used in poetry and writing. Includes exercises and lesson plans. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Poetry: Simile and Figurative Language, Figurative Language, Writing: Similes and Metaphors, and Writing: Personification.

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