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Science: Water Pollution

These sites are about water pollution. There are information about causes of polluted and contaminated water. Learn how to protect and control water quality. There are also links to eThemes Resources on pollution and water cycle.


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In this activity students perform an experiment in which they will observe how water pollution is absorbed into plants.
Learn more about water pollution - what it is and how it is treated.
This hands-on activity models for students how pollution spreads in our ground and surface water.
This site contains numerous resources dealing with water pollution prevention. Including "Journey of a Raindrop" video, "When It Rains It Pollutes" PDF, "Brown Water, Green Reeds: Familiar Signs of Pollution" PDF, "Polluted Urban Runoff" PDF, "Algae World" audio, and links to student projects and more.
Use this activity to demonstrate how water infiltration can carry pollution underground.
Read this page to learn about some causes of groundwater contamination.
Read this article to find out about beach pollution.
Start from "The Tale of Lucy Lake" to learn about the acid rain and then play games and do activities related to the tale.
Learn where water pollution can come from.
This site is from Environment Canada. The site provides information about pollution problem, water quality pollutants, effects of pollution, controlling water pollution, and groundwater pollution.
Find out what you can do to protect your drinking water.
Click on a map to find information about the quality of drinking water in your area.
These sites are about different forms of pollution and how it affects our environment. Topics include water quality, acid rain, smog, oil spills, and more. There are online games, classroom activities, and maps. Includes links to eThemes Resources on the greenhouse effect, recycling, Earth Day, and going green.
These sites explain the water cycle and include the topics of evaporation, precipitation, and condensation. View several diagrams explaining the cycle. There is a word search and a quiz. Includes links to eThemes Resources on water cycle experiments and Missouri's springs.

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