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Teaching Tips: MAP Test Tips

These sites contain information about the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) tests. Review released items from different subjects and grade levels. Includes tips for parents and educators on how to prepare students. There are also templates for making constructed responses, performance tasks, and performance events.


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This site has lots of information about the test, including the grade levels, the subjects tested, scoring, and more.
Tips on topics to cover with your students to help them prepare them for the MAP.
This is a recommended list of topics to discuss with students preparing for the MAP.
This site has a listing of the knowledge and performance standards that make up the Show-Me Standards. The MAP test is written to address these standards.
Each week this website has a current events story with reading comprehension questions.
This site features games that teach math logic problems for elementary and middle school aged students.
This site features math logic problems for middle and high school students.
This page has practice exercises for fourth and fifth grade math and reading comprehension.
This page contains MAP resources from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, including course expectations, grade-level expectations, model curriculum units, and more.
These sample math and communication arts tests for grades three through ten are available as PDF files.

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