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Author Study: Homer Hickam

These websites are about author Homer Hickam and his books. Includes biographical information, interviews, lesson plans, activity ideas, and study guides. Many of the websites and lesson plans are related to the “Rocket Boy” and “October Sky”. There is a link to eThemes resources on Science: Rockets.


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This is an official website of the author. Includes a detailed biography, study guides to go with his books, a list of his books with a sample chapters, a blog, and FAQ.
Read an interview by Norman Julian, a West Virginia University graduate. The focus of the interview is growing up in West Virginia and the author's career.
Choose from any of Homer Hickam's book to find discussion questions for use in the classroom.
Here is an interview with the author.
Here you can read the transcript from a live chat in which the author answers readers' questions about his books and experiences growing up.
This literature unit for Homer Hickam's "October Sky" includes assignments; information about black lung disease; information about the book, movie, and historical background; information about what a memoir is; unit objectives; links to scenes from the movie; information about space exploration; and information about Werner von Braun.
This site has discussion questions and online activities which go along with the movie, October Sky. Note: This site has links led to external websites.
Here are discussion questions and commentary for October Sky from Random House.
Read an interview with Homer Hickam and learn about his inspiration for his book "October Sky." NOTE: This site includes user comments and links to social networking sites.
Learn about rocket science. Explore a timeline of rocket development from 100 B.C to our days. Find out about the first Earth's artificial satellite, Sputnik, and the space race between two countries. Read biographies of famous scientists and their rockets. Learn principles of rocketry and the physics and mathematics involved. There is a link to an eThemes resource on water bottle rockets. Includes a lesson plan, online rocket launch simulations, and photographs.

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