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Grammar: Possessive Nouns

Theses sites are about possessive nouns. Includes rules on how to form possessive nouns and examples of them. There are interactive quizzes, games, PowerPoint presentations, and classroom exercises. There is also a link to an eThemes Resource on nouns.


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This site provides SMART Exchange instructional resources for teaching about singular possessive nouns.
This site provides SMART Exchange instructional resources for teaching about possessive nouns.
This site provides links to instructional activities focused on possessive nouns and pronouns.
This site provides links to Scholastic printable resources for teaching possessive nouns.
This 10-question interactive quiz allows students to check their understanding of possessive nouns.
This blog provides a sample lesson for teaching possessive nouns; includes resources and pictures. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board (message board, forum, etc.).
This Power Point reviews the rules for possessive nouns and practices identifying them.
Use the background information and activities to teach students about possessive nouns. NOTE: Further access to this site requires a subscription.
Review the rules for forming plural and possessive nouns. Includes interactive quiz that requires students to indicate whether the current noun is plural, possessive or both.
Reinforce your students' knowledge of possessive nouns by playing the Possessive Noun Scavenger Hunt with your class.
Have students practice making nouns possessive.
Here is more practice writing the possessive form of a noun.
Review writing the correct form of singular and plural possessive nouns.
Quiz your students' knowledge of basic possessive with this interactive quiz.
This site provides the rules for possessive nouns and includes interactive quizzes. Click on the "Application" links to test your knowledge.
Do you know the rules to create possessive nouns? Read the article and then click on "Turn The Page" for an exercise on grammar that includes questions on nouns. Note: This site includes ads.
This site has noun quizzes for different grade levels.
Play these online games to learn about possessive nouns. Choose from matching, concentration or flashcards.
This is an online tutorial unit of possessive nouns. Includes rules with examples and online quizzes.
Use your knowledge about possessives to find your way to the Cave of Stone Wonders.
Practice identifying possessive nouns while playing this tic-tac-toe-like game.
This is an interactive possessive nouns quiz which you can revise a lesson any time during taking the quiz.
These sites are about nouns. Read about different types of nouns and their functions. Includes plural, singular, common, proper, countable, non-countable, and more. There are examples, interactive quizzes, online games, handouts, and classroom activities. eThemes Resources on possessive nouns and pronouns are linked.



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