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Debate Topic: Year Round School

These sites explore the advantages and disadvantages for following a year round school schedule versus a traditional schedule that features a summer break. The information on these sites can help students create their debate arguments for or against this type of schedule. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on debate.


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This page explains the concept of year-round schools and why some students use it. However, the focus of this page is to present arguments against this type of scheduling.
This site lists supportive statements about year-round calendars and then dismisses the claims by offering counterarguments. This site can be used to show students how to make arguments.
This essay from a professor says that there is little proof that year-round schooling benefits students. This is an argument against year-round school calendars.
These are arguments against year-round schooling. This is part of a site that is against this type of calendar change.
Here is a news report about schools that have adopted a year-round calendar.
Here are graphics with descriptions that compare the traditional school year calendar with a year-round program.
These sites offer tips and activity ideas for sponsoring classroom debates at various grade levels. Learn how to prepare for a debate and how to improve your presentation skills. Includes transcripts and video clips of presidential debates from 1960-2000. There are links to eThemes Resources on writing.

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