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Africa: National Parks

These sites are about Africa’s National Parks. Learn about the animals, the climate, and the purposes behind why National Parks play an important role in Africa. Includes a link to an eThemes resource on the continent of Africa.


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This site provides links to Africa's game reserves and national parks.
This site provides links to Africa's national parks. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site provides a lesson plan learn about Africa's National Parks and the need to preserve these areas. This lesson is for grades 3-5 but is adaptable for older students.
This site has 4 main sections-the people, the land, wildlife, and national parks. The section on national parks provides information on parks in 20 countries.
See this comprehensive list of national parks and reserves in Kenya. Learn about each area including background information, climate, wildlife, and the vegetation from each area.
This site features all of Malawi's national parks and game reserves. Learn about the history, the climate, view a map, and learn about the animals that inhabit each park/reserve.
This site lists information about the national parks in South Africa. Learn about the national parks and what animals to see. This site includes a map showing the parks, photos for each area, and a link to webcams relaying live feeds from selected parks.
Read about the national parks of Tanzania. Learn about the climate, wildlife, and learn what role the parks play in conservation and increased tourism.
Learn more about Zambia through the photographs of each of Zambia's national parks and wildlife.
Learn more about the Serengeti National Park by exploring their links regarding the park itself, the various types of wildlife, and information on taking a safari there.
Learn about the geography and culture of Africa and African countries. Includes information on popular national parks and wildlife reserves. eThemes Resources on grassland habitats and East African culture are linked.

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