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Teaching Tips: Inquiry-Based Learning

These sites for teachers explain the concept of inquiry-based learning and offer arguments for why this type of learning is helpful to students. Learn how to create an inquiry-based unit and how to assess student performance. Read papers and reports on how student learning is affected. Includes handouts and links to inquiry-based lessons. There are also videos showing students engaged in an inquiry-based project. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on cooperative learning.


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This site includes resources for using inquiry based learning in the classroom.
Learn about the process of inquiry in student learning, how to promote student questioning, how this relates to conducting investigations, and more.
This online workshop on inquiry-based learning explains the concept and includes discussions on the benefits, its development over time, and how to incorporate technology. The site also presents critical perspectives against this type of learning. Includes videos and audio files.
This National Science Foundation monograph has 13 chapters about inquiry-based learning. Browse the table of contents. Chapter 11 discusses how to assess learning in an inquiry-based classroom.
This printable pdf explains what inquiry in the classroom looks like for both teachers and students. It includes tips for getting started and explains the phases of inquiry.
This online guide is about inquiry-based learning in the science classroom. "Making the Case for Inquiry" reports on the results of research on inquiry-based learning. "Inquiry in Science and in Classrooms" discusses specific teachers and their experiences with inquiry-based learning.
This research paper discusses Cornell's Environmental Inquiry Program that uses university fellows to teach inquiry-based learning to teachers.
Read articles that define and explain how to use cooperative learning strategies in the classroom. Includes cooperative learning lesson plans for a variety of subjects and grade levels.

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