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Animals: Hippopotamuses

These sites are about hippopotamuses, which are large, mammals that live in rivers in Africa. Learn about their physical characteristics, behaviors, and social structure. Find out how hippos stay underwater for as long as 15 minutes. Watch several videos and listen to audio files.


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Read a short encyclopedia entry about hippopotamuses.
See footage of hippopotamuses in the wild in these 13 videos from
Learn about the lives of hippopotamuses through these videos from BBC Nature. There are links to a variety of other resources on these African river mammals. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to message boards.
This page has information about the behavior and anatomy of hippopotamuses, and a labeled illustration.
Learn why hippos spend most of the day in water. Includes fun facts and a video. Click on "Audio" to listen to a hippopotamus. Click on "Map" to see where hippos live.
This site has facts, a picture, and information about the hippo's physical characteristics, habitat, behavior, and predators.
Read basic information about hippopotamuses plus find out the economic impact they have on people. Includes several photographs.
This site collects quick facts about hippo and introduces its characteristics including food, predators, birth and offspring. Learn about the first act of baby hippo. Several multimedia files about the hippo could be found in the top of the page. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Feel free to use these copyright-free images of hippos in your classroom hippo projects.

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