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Famous People: Eva and Juan Peron from Argentina

These sites are about former Argentine leaders Eva and Juan Peron. On these pages you can find information about their biographies, political careers, and the impact that they had on Argentine politics, economics, and society. There are audio files and interviews, images, and source documents, as well as background information on Argentina.


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This site is dedicated to the historical investigation of the life and work of Eva Peron. Here you will find detailed biographical information and many images. Portions of the site are in Spanish.
Read a biography of Eva Duarte de Peron, the second wife of Argentine president Juan Domingo Peron, and learn about some of her political accomplishments.
Here you can read two brief opposing viewpoints on the former first lady of Argentina. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links, user comments, and an online store.
View a chronology of key events in Argentine history, from 1916 to the present, including the presidencies of Juan Peron. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Christina Alvarez Rodriguez, Eva Peron's grand niece, talks about Evita's childhood, career, and the myths about her that have arisen after her death. You can listen to the story as an audio file or read the transcript.
Read about Eva Peron's death from cancer on July 26, 1952.
On this site, you can listen to a program about the legacy and current influence of Eva Peron, including interviews conducted in Argentina with people who knew her.
Read the text of the obituary for Evita that ran in the New York Times in 1952.
This is an encyclopedia article about the career and both presidencies of Juan Domingo Peron. Included is a link to an entry about his second wife, Eva Peron, and a bibliography. NOTE: This site includes ads.
On this site you can read Juan Peron's political doctrine, in his own words.
Click on any of the images to hear personal recollections of Eva Peron.
This twenty-six slide PowerPoint presentation outlines the lives and careers of three Perons, Juan, Eva, and Isabel. Includes several photographs.

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