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Animals: Bottlenose Dolphins

Read about the behavior, appearance, and distribution of bottlenose dolphins. Learn how these mammals communicate with each other. Includes videos, photographs, sound files, a coloring page, and online games. There are links to eThemes resources on dolphins and whales.


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See nearly 50 photographs, watch two videos, and scroll down to read the fact file on bottlenose dolphins. NOTE: This site links to social networking sites.
Read through some brief information about bottlenose dolphins. Includes "Dolphin Printout" and "Dolphin Anatomy: Label Me!" activity pages. NOTE: This site contains Google banner ads.
Explore the links to learn more about dolphins. This site has answers to many questions about dolphins. Includes a teacher's guide.
Read some brief facts about bottlenose dolphins. NOTE: The site includes sponsored ads.
More brief facts about bottlenose dolphins. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Veiw this large photograph of a mother and juvenile bottlenose dolphin.
Read about studies of dolphin sensory perception, cognition, and intelligence. Click on the links at left to explore. The reading level is difficult.
This site has several colorful images of bottlenose dolphin.
Read about bottlenose dolphins, watch a video, and see a map of their distribution across the globe. NOTE: This site includes banner ads and other types of ads.
This site has extensive information about dolphins, including their communication, behaviors, and more.
Use this black and white drawing of bottlenose dolphins as a coloring sheet. This might be more suited to younger students.
This site has lots of information about Bottlenose Dolphins, including their scientific classification, physical characteristics, diet, behavior, and more. There are also several pictures.
This Canadian site has photographs and information on possible dolphin culture. Some titles are in French. NOTE: This site has a definite bias.
This site has many photographs of bottlenose dolphins. NOTE: This site has a definite bias.
Students can read this rescue story about "Scrappy" the bottlenose dolphin.
Learn how dolphins communicate and name each other by using whistling sounds. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Read facts about the bottlenose dolphin as well as listen and watch examples of these mammals. NOTE: This site contains ads.
On these sites you can read about the behavior, appearance, and distribution of dolphins. Learn the differences between dolphins and porpoises, and find out about some of the threats to dolphin survival. There are facts, videos, pictures, printouts, and classroom activities.
These sites are about whales. Learn about the characteristics, behavior, and classification of whales. Topics include the habitat, life cycle, communication methods, and migration. There are videos, photographs, and sound files. Several hands-on activities and online games and quizzes are included.

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