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Animals: Pigs

These sites are about pigs. Learn about their life cycle, diet, habitat, care, and the products from pigs. Includes interesting facts, a farm tour, and production process. There are also printable worksheets, coloring pages, games, lesson plans, photos, and video clips.


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Read about the life cycle, general unique factors, produces, and dietary facts about pigs.
Learn the truth about these smart and clean animals. Explore how some pigs have become a part of the family and the diversity of pigs around the world. Includes video clips and a photo gallery of pigs.
Using this interactive, students explore four areas of an animal-babies, habitat, interaction with others, and basic facts. Findings can be printed off.
This site has games and activities about pigs for different age groups. Included pictures, facts, and a farm tour. NOTE: This site has links to external websites.
This page compiles a list of printable resources for using with a pig unit. Includes a coloring page, sign, connect the dots, word search, and more.
Read questions and answers related to pig facts developed by 2nd graders.
This site provides rhymes, craft ideas, and coloring pages that go along with a pig unit.
Children will help the three little pigs design a stronger and more efficient house of logs or straw
In this activity, children will choose an animal, research facts about it, list interview questions to ask the animal, and conduct the interview while tape-recording it.

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