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Literature Awards: Show Me Readers Award Nominees 2005-2006

These websites are about the books and authors nominated for the Show Me Readers Award in 2005-2006. Find out which books were nominated, and read more about the authors. Also includes activities, lesson plans, and book reviews.


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Find out how the nominated books and the award book is chosen. Click on "Annotated List of Nominees" to find out what books are nominated this year.
This is the official website of authors Mary Jane Auch and Herm Auch who wrote the nominated book "Souperchicken." Find out about all of their books.
The author's official website includes games and activity ideas for the award nominated "Bad Boys." Also find out about the author and all of her books.
Read what the sisters have to say about writing and illustrating "Jackalope" and working together.
Discover author information, book synopses and teacher tips. A reader's theater script and activities for "Jackalope" are given in Teacher Tips section.
Read about one of the authors and illustrator of award nominated "Jackalope." Includes illustration tips.
Check out Melinda Long's website and learn about her books and writing tips. View her photo gallery!
Use the lesson plan to teach basics about pirates, what they wore, where they worked, and why they did what they did. Students will use information to create realistic pirate costumes.
This four page PDF file includes printable activities for the book, including a maze, a word search, and more.
Read a biography of the author of "Fishing Day." Click on "Interview Transcript" to read an interview with Davis. Click on "Booklist" to find out about some of her other books.

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