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Author Study: Leo Lionni

These websites are about the author/illustrator, Leo Lionni. Learn about his life, careers, and works. There are lesson plans, a book list, biography, photographs and posters of his works, and samples of his writing and illustrating of children’s book.


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This 45 page PDF contains learning materials for teaching Leo Lionni books: Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse; An Extraordinary Egg; Frederick; Fish is Fish; In the Rabbitgarden; Inch by Inch; It's Mine; Let's Make Rabbits; Matthew's Dream; Pezzettino; Six Crows; The Biggest House in the World; and Tillie and the Wall. Includes: standards, materials, procedure, and extension activities.
This 44 page PDF contains materials for teaching Leo Lionni books. Including: information about the author, book list, lesson plans, and more useful links.
Read the author's biography and see his works. Includes sections on how others experienced and remembered the author.
Read a short biography of Leo Lionni from the Hall of Fame from The Art Directors Club. Includes some portraits and images of his works.
These are lessons that go along with the author study and his selected books. Note: There are links to external websites.
Follow this webquest to learn more about Leo Lionni. Learn about his books and use the scoring rubric at the bottom to evaluate your project. NOTE: Some of the external links are broken.
In this lesson plan, students will compare books by the author by using Venn Diagram.
In this lesson, students will practice reading comprehension strategy by using "I wonder" statements to make prediction. Note: This site has links to external websites.



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