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Country: Russia for Elementary Grades

On these sites you can learn about Russia’s geography, language, culture, food, and history. Listen to the Russian national anthem, learn the Russian alphabet, or read about the Tsars. There are also online games, quizzes, maps, audio files, and many photographs of Russian people and places.


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This site contains factual information about Russia. Learn about the people, geography, government, economy, and more.
This site has images of Russia's national, regional, governmental, and military flags. There is also information on the history of the Russian Federation and its republics. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site has students understand what an astronaut sees, and why an astronaut might see a string of lights across southern Russia. The site includes series of maps of the country with different sets of information. Scroll down to the "Your Mission" heading to begin reading the article. NOTE: This site includes ads and sponsored links.
Here is a map of Russia, including an enlarged printable version.
Try these several online games that test your knowledge of the Russian language. Various skill levels are represented. NOTE: This site requires that Java be installed on your computer in order for it to run.
This country profile includes quick facts, an overview of Russia, and information about its leaders and media. There is also a picture of the Russian flag, timeline of key events in Russian history, and an audio file of the national anthem. NOTE: This site includes ads and links to social networking sites.
Here are some key facts about Russia's population, economy, and energy resources. Included are graphs comparing Russia to other developed countries.
Read this online encyclopedia entry about Russia. Use the links at the bottom to read about the land, people, economy, and more. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Click on "Listen to the National Anthem" near the bottom left of the page to hear the anthem.
This site for kids has information about Russia's history, geography, government, and culture. Includes a map and a picture of the Russian flag. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site has many pages about Russia you can print out. Includes a Russian flag, map, and many pages that show common Russian words. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Follow the guide of the interactive map to explore these old towns of Russia.
This site includes a simple introduction about Russia and one of its famous cities, St. Petersburg.
Learn the Cyrillic symbols and sounds that make up the Russian alphabet. Click on the green squares to hear examples of words and phrases. The links on the left-hand side lead to other language lessons, word lists, and pronunciation tips. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Play this online map quiz and test your geographic knowledge about Russia and its neighboring countries.
After entering the site, click on "Timeline" to learn about art during different periods in Russian history. Click on "References" for some lesson plans. Includes images, video, and audio clips. NOTE: The "Forums" link includes unmoderated discussion boards.
Browse this collection of photographs from Imperial Russia. There are many high resolution images taken before the Bolshevik Revolution.
Learn more about the different buildings contained within the Kremlin in Moscow, including the famous Red Square.

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