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Family: Family Life

These sites focus on family and family life. Students learn about family histories and traditions, family ties, changes in families, and family life. Includes classroom activities and lesson plans. There are also links to eThemes Resources on family and genealogy.


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Students gather information about their families and create a graphic time line of their own family and life history. NOTE: This site includes links to external sites.
Students learn about family traditions by reading and discussing a bilingual children's book, "Family Pictures/Cuadros de Familia" by Carmen Lomas Garza. Then they create a family picture classbook and have a potluck. NOTE: This site includes links to external sites.
Click on the "Home and Family" link for topics related to family life such as getting along with family members, living in different types of families, dealing with fights in a family, and more.
With this lesson plan, students are asked to find out about their ancestral homelands through a Web search.
Students can learn about the history of surnames and understand their own uniqueness. Alex Haley wrote a story about his ancestors, find out the facts and write a story about your ancestors. There are different templates for students to create their own family tree. Listen to audio recordings of real immigrants from Ellis Island.
These websites are about families. Children can learn about the different types of families that there are in the world. There are many student activities such as make a family tree, paint a family portrait, or make a poster about how they celebrate special occasions in their families. There is also eThemes resources about grandparents.

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