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Goal Setting

These websites are about setting goals. There is information on setting personal, academic, and financial goals. Learn the difference between short and long term goals, and how to set SMART goals for the best chance of success.


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This site for teachers has information and resources, including printable worksheets, to help students learn about setting goals and monitoring their progress.
This article by a college student contains helpful information on how to set and achieve specific goals.
Learn about why it is important to have a plan set for your goals to make dreams a reality. NOTE: This page links to a blog.
Students can learn about time management, being on time, and goal setting in this lesson plan. They can then plan a week's activities and make short-term and long-term goals to show what they have learned.
Learn the difference between "Have-To's" and "Want-To's" and how they relate to goals on this webpage. Follow the link at the bottom to read more about budgeting and time management.
Find out how to set savings goals on this site. Explore the links on the right to learn more.
Here is a short article about the process of setting goals in various aspects of life. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Students can learn to set SMART goals and express them in writing with this lesson plan.
Learn what FRAME and SMART mean when setting goals and other tips for achieving success.
There are activities and discussion questions for teaching students about goal setting.
A five-page pdf is a lesson plan for teaching students to identify career goals and create action plans.

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