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Grammar: Subjects and Predicates

These sites have definitions and examples of subjects and predicates. Learn the difference between simple and compound. Includes lesson plans, exercises, online quizzes, games, a PowerPoint presentation, and an animated movie.


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This page explains the difference between subjects and predicates. Click on the next arrow twice for review questions on subjects and predicates.
This site has examples of subjects and predicates. Advance through the site by clicking on the link at the bottom. Includes exercises.
This two-page PDF file has an activity about subjects and predicates. Identify the subject each picture represents and then match it to one of the predicates listed at the bottom of the page.
Here are activities dealing with sentences, subjects, and predicates. The activities include flashcards, a word search, a concentration game, and a matching game.
This game tests your knowledge of simple subjects and simple predicates
This is a PowerPoint presentation on subjects, predicates, and sentences. The slides are geared toward middle-school students.
Watch a short movie with Tim and Moby that explains subjects and predicates, then take a pop quiz. NOTE: This site is available by subscription only.
First select your grade level from the drop-down menu, then select the term you wish to learn from the menu on the left. Scroll down to find "predicate" and "subject."
This site has color coded sentences to show parts of speech. Learn about subject and predicate, simple subjects, simple predicate, and compound subjects. Note: There are ads on a linked site
This interactive lesson asks students to identify the "telling part" and the "naming part" of a sentence. Regardless of the student's answer - the correct answer is always identified before moving to the next question. There is an audio feature with explains the lesson and reads each question. After the quiz a score is calculated.
This site has a worksheet asking student's to circle what (subject or predicate) is missing from the given sentence.
Use these websites to learn how to diagram sentences. There are practice exercises, tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, and handouts.

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