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Literature: "Hoot" by Carl Hiaasen

These websites are about the book “Hoot” by Carl Hiaasen. There are book reviews, lesson plans, quizzes, and activities. Learn more about Burrowing Owls and the environment of south Florida where the book is set. Included are three eThemes resources on owls, environmental restoration, and bullying.


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This site includes a brief description of the book and free teaching resources such as: teacher's guide, extension activities, lesson plan, and discussion questions. These can be found to the immediate right of the article's text. NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads. NOTE: This site links to social networking sites.
Students can test their knowledge of the book by taking this multiple choice quiz. NOTE: This site includes banner ads, other types of ads, and sponsored links.
Find out more about Burrowing Owls on this site, including their range, feeding habits, and life cycle. Click on the mulitmedia link to view a photo gallery or hear audio files of their calls.
Learn about Burrowing Owls and their conservation status on this website.
This site contains extensive information about owls and includes photographs, range maps, and audio files.
Students can assume the persona of one of the novel's main characters and write a letter to the editor with this lesson plan.
Students can learn to analyze character motivation with this lesson on "Hoot." They can also create a slideshow presentation to demonstrate what they have learned.
What is vandalism? It is featured in the book. Learn more about it, here.
Learn about the venomous snakes that live in Florida and how to avoid being bitten by one with the information on this Web page.
This site has information about the ecosystems found in the Everglades of south Florida and some of the animals and plants that can also be found there.
Students can find out what they can do to help endangered species on this site. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
Read about real life environmental activist Julia Hill and what she did to protect a 200 foot Redwood. There are links to other biographies at the bottom of the page.
Discover how investigating owl pellets can reveal information about owls, their habitats, eating habits, and their place in the food chain. Learn how to dissect pellets, record findings, and analyze them. Includes online dissection practice, games, puzzles, video and audio files, lesson plans, and other activities. There are links to eThemes resources on barn owls and raptors.
What is ecological restoration? Why is it important? On these sites you will find information about restoring parts of the environment that have undergone degradation to their natural state. There are articles, photographs, video clips, and lesson plans. Included are two eThemes resources on ecosystems and habitats.
These sites are about bullies and includes tips on how to deal with them. There are lists of recommended children's books that have a bullying theme, a printable pledge against bullying, and an animated movie. Includes eThemes Resources on several books with this theme.

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