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Missouri Regions: River Heritage

These sites have information about Missouri’s River Heritage Region, also known as the Bootheel. Learn about many state parks, take a virtual visit to Lambert’s Cafe, and view photos of an underground mine. Towns include Cape Girardeau, Ste. Genevieve, Sikeston, Charleston, Miner, New Madrid, and Jackson. Watch Missouri Heritage videos about this region. There are links to eThemes Resources on an overview of Missouri regions, the state flag, and the New Madrid earthquakes.


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Visit Lambert's Cafe, a restaurant known as "The Only Home of Throwed Rolls."
Read about Big Oak Tree State Park, which is located near East Prairie. Click on "General Information" to learn more, and "Park Map" for directions and maps.
This site is about Bollinger Mill State Historic Site located in Burfordville, MO. Click on "General Information" to read more about its history. Click on "Historic Site Map" for directions and to view maps.
Read about a mansion at the Hunter-Dawson State Historic Site in Madrid. Click on "General Information" for more of the mansion's history. Click on "Historic Site Map" for directions and a map.
Learn more about this 3,415-acre park that serves as a memorial to Cherokee Native Americans who died while being relocated. Click on "General Information" to read more about this park and "Park Map" for directions.
Discover the history of an areo in the eastern Ozarks that is called the Old Lead Belt. Click on "General Information" to read more about Missouri's mining history.
This site has information on the Mingo National Wildlife Refuge. Students can view maps and pictures of the area or read about the history of Mingo Swamp.
Learn about four historic attractions in the town of New Madrid.
Click on "Photographs" to see images of this underground mine that now attracts scuba divers.
These sites have information about the different regions in Missouri. Learn more about the history, economy, population statistics, natural resources, state parks, and historical sites in each region. Many links include maps of the regions.
These sites help students identify and learn about state flags, specifically focusing on the Missouri state flag. Includes lesson plans, activities, interactive quizzes, coloring pages, and lots of computer-made pictures of the Missouri flag and other state flags. Also includes information about flag designer Marie Elizabeth Oliver.
Learn about the earthquakes that hit the Midwest in 1811-1812 as well as more recent earthquakes in the same area. Includes maps, documents, statistics, and photographs.

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