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Movie: "The Incredibles"

These sites are about the movie “The Incredibles”. Find out how the movie was made, character development, and the inspiration behind the movie. Includes lesson plans that use “The Incredibles” as a theme to teach about poverty, injustice, superheroes, and character analysis. There are also links to eThemes resources on Superheroes, Heroes and Celebrities, and Team Building Activities for Elementary Students.


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Find out how the movie was made and about the inspiration behind the movie.
View the step-by-step creation of the dinner table scene in "The Incredibles". NOTE: This site has links to external websites.
Find out how animation movies are made and what processes are involved.
This article describes the science behind science fiction superheroes. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This one-page PDF file is a worksheet to record information about characters in the movie and their state of matter.
View video clips, play games, and print coloring pages from this website about "The Incredibles." NOTE: This site has downloadable applications.
This lesson plan, designed to go with the movie "The Incredibles," explores the various themes found throughout the movie; including vocabulary and comprehension questions.
These sites are about famous comic book superheroes and their special powers. Includes Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and more. There are videos, games, and students' descriptions of their own imaginary superheroes.
Discover who we call a hero. Find out what behavior is heroic and what everyday heroism is. Learn the difference between hero and celebrity. Includes hero and celebrity definitions, children's stories, examples of heroes, celebrity biographies, worksheets, and lesson plans. There is a link to eThemes resource on superheroes.
Here are suggestions for games, activities, and lesson plans to encourage team building among elementary school students. There are indoor and outdoor activities, and cross-curricular lesson ideas. Many of these activities can be adapted for different age groups. Included are eThemes resources on cooperative learning and cooperative problem solving.

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