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Literature: Cinderella Stories

Read online Cinderella stories from around the world. Includes the Chinese, Romanian, English, Scottish, and Native American versions. Use the interactive Cinderella site to learn about elements of a story. There are handouts and lesson plans for studying Cinderella tales and comparing the similarities and differences of each.


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This site provides an interactive lesson on the elements of a story using Cinderella. Numerous examples are given involving plot, resolution, character, setting, and a quiz.
In this lesson, students compare several Cinderella stories from different cultures using a Venn diagram. Students read additional Cinderella tales and write and peer edit their original versions.
This lesson plan has students study the plots and settings in various Cinderella versions. Includes pages to print out.
Read the original version of this classic fairy tale by Charles Perrault. "Annotations" includes descriptions of the vocabulary in the original version. "History" includes a discussion of the tale. "Similar Tales Across Cultures" includes links to related Cinderella tales around the world.
This lesson plan has students study the characters in various Cinderella versions. Includes pages to print out.
This site has several different text versions of Cinderella stories that can be read online.
Read this Chinese Cinderella story online in full-text.
Read this English version of the Cinderella tale.
This is a Native American Cinderella version in full-text.
Read this Korean version of Cinderella.

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