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Teaching Tips: Writing Selected Response Questions

Here are resources and tools for educators on writing selected response (multiple-choice) questions. There are printable handbooks, articles, bibliographies, and many examples of both effective and ineffective test items.


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This three-page PDF file contains an article about writing multiple-choice questions and includes tips for good test item design.
Here is an article about how to write effective multiple-choice test items. Topics covered include the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of question, tips and guidelines, and a review checklist.
Here is a six-part tutorial on writing and using multiple-choice tests as assessment tools. Examples and references are included.
This four-page PDF file is a paper on how to improve multiple-choice tests. While this paper is aimed at college faculty, the information can be applied to many educational levels.
This two-page PDF file contains a checklist and guidelines for writing test questions.
This 16-page PDF file contains a handbook designed to help instructors write better tests. Test planning, formatting, essay and multiple-choice question construction are all covered.
This is an HTML version of the above document.
Here is an index of articles and web pages for instructors on writing multiple-choice questions.
This page explains how Bloom's Taxonomy can be applied to the design of multiple choice questions.
This page has information on the advantages and disadvantages of multiple choice questions, writing tips, and examples.

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