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U.S. President: John F. Kennedy

These sites are about John F. Kennedy, the youngest elected president. Read about America’s famous 35th president, his policies, and his influence. Includes biographies, photographs, and audio clips of his most famous speeches. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on U.S. Presidents.


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Learn about some of the key events that occurred during President Kennedy's presidency. Includes audio clips.
The Kennedy Library offers several photographs of Kennedy at various ages. Click on the images to see a larger view.
This lesson plan for students in grades sixth through eighth focuses on Kennedy's political views. NOTE: This site includes ads and links to external websites.
Listen to some of Kennedy's most famous speeches or read the transcripts. NOTE: There is a link to message boards.
This site offers a simple overview of the debates between Nixon and Kennedy and the role of television.
Read a short description about the assassination of Kennedy and Jack Ruby's trial.
This site explains why Robert Frost read a different poem than the one he had planned on at the inauguration. Includes the poem written in his own handwriting.
This is a brief description of the assassination of Kennedy and how television allowed the nation to mourn together.
Learn about the birthplace of John F. Kennedy. Click on "For Kids" for more reference resources.
Learn about Kennedy's cabinet during his administration. Also introduces his domestic policy, economic policy, national security policy, etc.
Learn about what JFK did during his presidency. Includes primary sources, teacher's guide, interview transcripts, interesting facts, and more.
This White House site has information about Kennedy for younger kids.
Listen to an analysis of assassination of president John F. Kennedy from science aspect.
Here you will find sites about the presidents of the United States. Includes biographies of these men and their wives. There is also information on election trivia, debates, and inaugural speeches. There are also online games. An eThemes Resource on the executive branch is linked.

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