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U.S. President: Ronald Reagan

These sites are about Ronald Reagan, a former actor who went on to receive the most electoral votes of any president. Learn about his accomplishments as president, the assassination attempt, the controversy of the Iran-Contra Affair, and his wife, Nancy. Includes photographs, video clips, and audio files. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on U.S. Presidents.


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Browse the family album of this ex-president, watch the video, and check the timeline. Includes multimedia clips, quotations, and important events in his life. Click on "Watch Online" to view the program.
View photographs from Reagan's 1985 inauguration.
Review Reagan's early years, events during his presidency, and his vital statistics. Includes a brief story about the assassination attempt on his life.
Read a biography of Ronald Reagan. Use the links on the left to learn more about his wife and the cabinet during his administration.
This site includes audio files of Reagan speaking and links to primary documents.
Read the transcript of a 1989 interview with President Ronald Reagan. Includes links to some of his debates.
Read a brief biography of Ronald Reagan.
Read a biography of Ronald Reagan, view photographs of him and his wife, Nancy, and review his famous quotes and speeches. Click on the links at the bottom to learn about his travels and the movies he was in.
Read a detailed biography of Ronald Reagan.
These sites are about the presidents of the United States. Includes biographies of these men and their wives. There is also information on election trivia, debates, and inaugural speeches. There are also online games. A link to an eThemes Resource on the executive branch is included.

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