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Math: Elapsed Time

These sites offer many practice problems for calculating the difference between two times. Includes lesson plans, online quizzes, and handouts. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on telling time.


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Click on "New Times" to start the activity. Try to guess how much time has passed from the first clock to the second. Click on "Check" to see the answer. There is a link to a recording sheet so you can write down your answers.
Try to answer these word problems about time. Click on the boxes next to the correct answer. A happy face will appear if your answer is correct, and a sad face will appear if your answer is wrong.
This lesson plan on elapsed time offers some fun activity ideas. NOTE: The animation link is broken.
This one-page PDF file has questions about elapsed time.
The animated analog and digital clocks show how the passing of minutes lead to a change in the hour. Click on the speaker icon to hear the text.
This five-page PDF file has tips for teachers and with practice exercises for students.
This three-page PDF file has practice questions that focus on elapsed time in units of weeks, months, and years.
Read an explanation about one way to solve elapsed time problems. Includes a discussion about the problem of subtracting two different times. NOTE: This site has a link that leads to a discussion board.
Here are practice problems for elapsed time in hours.
Try these practice problems for elapsed time in half hour increments.
These practice problems focus on elapsed time in 15-minute intervals.
These practice problems focus on elapsed time in five-minute intervals.
This page has more practice problems on elapsed time.
Here are three online activities about elapsed time.
Learn how to calculate elapsed time. Select any class resources to learn about elapsed time from interactive clock.
These sites help students read digital and analog clocks. There are several online games and printable pages for students to practice telling time. Includes links to eThemes Resources on elapsed time and time zones.

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