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Maple Syrup

These sites are about maple syrup. Find out about maple syrup production in various states. Learn the history of maple syrup and its production, facts, recipes, uses, and more. There are video clips on how maple syrup is produced. Includes worksheets, lesson plans, and classroom activities.


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Read how Native Americans make maple syrup in traditional way.
Watch video clips to see how maple sugar is produced. The site also has information about the production, history, and current culture of Michigan Maple.
Here are activity ideas that go along with the topic.
This site has quick information about maple syrup including history, facts, uses, nutrition, trees, mystery, and more. Use the menu on the left to navigate the site.
Learn about Main maple syrup, its history, production, buyers' guide, and recipes.
This four-page PDF file explains how maple syrup started and the current process of making maple syrup. Pictures are included.
This four-page PDF file provides information on how maple trees make sugar and how to make maple syrup. The reading level is better suited for older students.
Learn about the largest production of pure maple syrup in the United States. Find out about Vermont maple syrup, maple syrup grades, products that can be made of the syrup, and more.
Learn how to make your own syrup from a maple tree. Browse through the "About Maple Syrup" menu to learn more about the production of maple syrup in Massachusetts, season of maple recipes, recipes, and more.
Here are lesson plans covering the history of maple syrup and maple syrup production as well as integrating activities for teaching social studies and science concepts.
Here is a lesson plan on the maple syrup production.
This five-page PDF file worksheet has quizzes on vocabulary related to maple syrup.

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