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Grammar: Sentences

These sites explain the different types of sentences. Includes examples of interrogative, declarative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences. Also learn about run-on, compound, and complex sentences. Discover which punctuation ends certain types of sentences. Includes many online games and quizzes. There are links to eThemes Resources on nouns, verbs, paragraphs, and more.


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In this classroom activity students can learn about the different parts of sentences and then construct descriptive sentences of their own.
Students can decide if these sentences are run-ons or not. Includes an explanation of the corrections needed.
This page includes examples of complete and incomplete sentences. Students can also practice identifying complete sentences.
Watch as Tim and Moby explain run-on sentences in this short video, then take the quiz.
Tim and Moby explain imperative, declarative, interrogative, and exclamatory sentences. Take the quiz to test what you've learned.
Read the lessons about basic sentence structure and then do the exercises.
This online quiz has students identify whether the sentence is grammatically correct.
Identify the correct sentence and then test your knowledge of capitalization and punctuation.
This page provides a good overview of the four types of sentences. Also discussed is the type of punctuation needed for each type of sentence.
This handout explains the four types of sentences. Students can identify the types of sentences for practice.
Try this quiz to test your knowledge of declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and imperative sentences.
This site has short explanations and examples of declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and imperative sentences.
Watch this animated movie about strengthening sentences, then try the quiz.
Learn how to use the different punctuation marks.
This sites has run-on sentences that students can correct.
Decide what type of punctuation these sentences need.
This is a listing of rules about when to use capital letters.
Play these four online games to improve your punctuation skills.
Play this game and identify the type of sentence.
These sites have definitions and examples of subjects and predicates. Learn the difference between simple and compound. Includes exercises, online quizzes, games, a PowerPoint presentation, and an animated movie.
These sites are about nouns. Read about different types of nouns and their functions. Includes plural, singular, common, proper, countable, non-countable, and more. There are examples, interactive quizzes, online games, handouts, and classroom activities. eThemes Resources on possessive nouns and pronouns are linked.
These sites provide an introduction to verbs. Includes interactive games and exercises for identifying and choosing verbs.
These sites have explanations and examples of adjectives. Includes many activity ideas and handouts as well as an online game and a word search.
These sites are about paragraphs and include examples on how to write good paragraphs. Learn how sentences can be arranged to form paragraphs. There are classroom activities and online writing exercises for students. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on sentences.

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