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Habitat: Mountains

These links are about mountain habitats and the various plants and animals that live there. Read about the mountain gorilla and the mountain lion. There are links to eThemes resources on mountain goats, mountain men, landforms, and food chains and webs.


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Click on "Science," then "Mountains" to see a short cartoon on how mountains are formed. There is also an activity, timeline, experiment and quiz. NOTE: The website is available by subscription only.
Here is a quick overview of the wildlife that lives in the Andes.
Click on the photographs to read about the animals that live in the Rocky Mountains.
Here is more information about this endangered species.
These sites are about mountain goats, including their characteristics, diet, habitat, and more. Watch videos of baby goats, listen to audio clips of their bleating, and view a map showing where they live.
These sites have information about mountain men who helped developed the old West. Learn about their lives, adventures, and fur trading. Included are journals, diaries, historical overviews, authentic photographs, and maps.
These sites are about different types of landforms found around the world. Includes mountains, canyons, plains, beaches, and bays. There are photographs, drawings, online games, and activities. Includes links to eThemes Resources on rivers, oceans, lakes, erosion, and Missouri landforms.
These sites are about food chains and food webs. Includes examples of webs and chains with animals from various biomes. Learn about consumers, producers, prey, predators, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. There is a short animated movie, online games, and suggested classroom activities.

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