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Ancient Civilizations: Mesopotamia

Explore the ancient civilization of the Mesopotamia. Read about their writing system, counting, math system, medicine, and more. See the art, culture, and history of this ancient civilization as well as the Assyrians from Northern Mesopotamia. Included is an interactive website about the temples of Sumer, Babylon and Assyria. Read an overview about the gods and goddesses of ancient Sumer. See beautiful pictures of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. There is also a site that explains Hammurabi’s Code and gives students sample situations to solve using the code. Includes lesson plans, virtual Mesopotamia, maps, and classroom activities.


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This site is created by the British Museum. Learn about people, geography, gods, goddesses, demons and monsters, time, and writing. In each section, scroll down to read a story, explore maps and pictures, and solve an interactive challenge game.
A discussion of ancient Mesopotamian counting and math systems. Includes two printable worksheets and links to more information about Mesopotamian mathematics, culture, and history.
An interactive website about the temples of Sumer, Babylon and Assyria. Includes an archaeological exploration of a temple, and a ziggurat-building game. NOTE: Game requires Shockwave.
An essay about cuneiform writing and clay tablets. The site features an interactive clay tablet repair game.
This site explains Hammurabis Code, and gives students sample situations to solve using the code. Also includes suggested lesson plans for grades 4-8 by clicking on the Teachers Page link at the top of the page. Note: Many external links are broken. This site includes ads.
A description of the famous Babylonian gardens. The site also features links to other wonders of the ancient world. NOTE: The logo in the top left corner leads to a page with a Guestbook.
An in-depth discussion of the Babylonian Gardens, including an explanation of the irrigation systems and a digital reconstruction of the site. NOTE: Site contains banner ads and pop-up ads.
Learn what led to the fall of ancient Mesopotamia, or read about other collapsed civilizations.
Click on an image to learn about Mesopotamia civilization including geography, prehistoric figurines, writing, architecture, and more. NOTE: This site has a link to a message board.
View artifacts with description found in Mesopotamia region. Click on the picture to enlarged view.
There are four activities in this lesson plan focusing on Mesopotamia civilization and its writing system. Includes resources such as timeline, graphic organizers, and Mesopotamia job list.
Watch a video clip from National Geographic telling about the legacy of law, literature, and engineering left by Mesopotamia civilization.
Find out what kind of food Mesopotamians had at their time. Includes a recipe at the bottom of a page.
Learn history of ancient medicine in Mesopotamia. Follow links on the right to find more information about the topic. NOTE: This site has links to external websites.
This site teaches you how to play the Mesopotamian Royal Game of Ur, similar to backgammon.
This lesson plan is best suited for students grades 6-8 and teaches them about the cuneiform writing system used in ancient Mesopotamia. Within the plan are helpful links to related websites and activities.
Use this timeline to learn more about the historical advances in Mesopotamia from 8000-2000 B.C.

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