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Anatomy: Heart

Find out specifically what the heart is, what it does, and how to keep it healthy. Learn the structure of the heart and the circulation system. Includes printouts, interactive images, online game, and quizzes. There is a link to an eThemes resource on the circulatory system for older kids.


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Learn how the heart works and read a glossary of terms. Select the "Heart Anatomy: Label Me!" link to practice labeling the heart's parts and click on the "Answers" link for a diagram with correct labels. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This page includes animated movies about the blood, circulatory system, and the heart. After watching a movie, you can take a quiz and explore links where there are fun comic strips and activities. NOTE: The web site is available by subscription only.
Find out why the heart is a muscle. Learn its parts and go to the next page to view an animation of the working heart as a pump of a circulatory system. NOTE: The site includes ads.
View the animated image of working heart. Click on the "Map of the Human Heart" link to view an animation of the blood flow in the heart and read some amazing heart facts. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Find out how the blood flows through the body. Click on the links below the text to learn more about the blood, arteries, and heart. Includes labeled drawings. NOTE: The site leads to websites with ads.
Learn what can you do to keep your heart healthy. Includes a short quiz.
Read a story about a boy, Jacob, and his heart. Then take a quiz about the story.
Here is a large image of the heart with labels. Play the animation to see how blood moves through the beating heart.
Here is a diagram of your heart and circulatory system. Read about how to keep your heart healthy, then try the activity and the quiz.
Print out the diagram of the heart and fill in the labels using the heart glossary.
These sites provide information about the circulatory system for the upper grades. Learn about the different organs of the circulatory system and their functions. There are animations, online quizzes, games, and interactive tours of this system.

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