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Animals: Barn Owls

These sites have information about barn owls, owl pellets, and the children’s book “There’s an Owl in the Shower.” Includes photographs, video, and audio files. There are links to eThemes Resources on spotted owls, food chains, and raptors.


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See photos and view videos of the barn owl, or read the fact file on the animal. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
Find out about how many races of barn owls exist around the world. Learn the owl's description, habitat, diet, breeding, and life span. Includes a map of the specie's distribution.
Learn quick facts about barn owls.
Find out how easy to recognize barn owl. Select links on the left to listen to the owl's call, view a photograph of its egg, and maps of the bird's habitats.
Learn about Missouri owls. Go to the Owl Fact Sheet page to find out why owls are nocturnal, how do they hear and hunt, and learn how to build a barn owl nest.
Read the brief history of barn owls distribution and their dietary requirements. Learn several ways how to build the owl's nest. Includes photographs.
Learn about a family of barn owls and their younglings. Includes photographs of adult birds and five owlets from their first days to adulthood.
Here is an example how to write a science report based on investigation of why the Common barn owl is endangered species.
This owl-oriented site has owl quizzes for elementary school children. Click on "Owl Quiz" for an age specific quiz about owls and other raptors. Click on "Another Quiz on Owls" at the bottom for a fun word scavenger hunt on owls. NOTE: This site contains Google banner ads.
Click on images to enlarge them. Select the image under the Streaming Real Video Clips subtitle to view a video of two owlets. Includes an audio of the owl's screech.
This site has an exercise that allows students to dissect an owl pellet online. To get to the exercise, simply click on the link labeled "Barn Owl."
Here is a lesson plan for third-graders. It includes ideas for in class and outdoor activates. Follow links at the bottom of the page for rubrics, an owl unit, and additional ideas for lessons.
This 16-page PDF contains a lesson plan on owls and teaches students how and why to study the pellets. Includes description of owl's prey, bone chart, skull identification key, pellet dissection data sheet, and more.
This lesson plan is designed to help children to grasp the idea of ecosystem and interconnection of various species within the circle of life.
This is author Jean Craighead George's official site. Click on "Q&A" and scroll down for information about the book "There's an Owl in the Shower." For tips on writing your own children's story, click on the link "Writing."
Read a short book review of "There's an Owl in the Shower" written by a 10-year-old student.
View a live streaming video of barn owls in their nest.
This site has lots of information about barn owls, including pictures, a range map, and an audio recording of its voice.
These sites have information about spotted owls and their habitat in old-growth forests. Learn about the controversy between environmental groups wanting to protect the owls and the logging industry that wants to protect jobs. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on barn owls and an eMINTS WebQuest on owls.
These sites have information about various raptors, including Screech Owls, Great Horned Owls, Red-Tailed Hawks, and Bald Eagles. Many sites contain audio and video clips, plus a Web cam. Includes links to eThemes Resources on barn owls and spotted owls.
These sites are about food chains and food webs. Includes examples of webs and chains with animals from various biomes. Learn about consumers, producers, prey, predators, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. There is a short animated movie, online games, and suggested classroom activities.

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