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Grammar: Interactive Writing Activities

These sites feature interactive grammar and writing sites that are fun to use with SMARTboards. The online games and quizzes cover topics such as nouns, verbs, sentences, proofreading, capitalization, punctuation, plurals, and more. There are links to an eThemes Resource on writing prompts and to the eThemes index that leads to many more resources on grammar and writing topics.


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Play these interactive games for third- through fifth-grade students. The grammar topics include nouns, verbs, subjects, and sentences.
Choose a grade level, then click on a word for a definition and a link to more examples. Includes audio.
This online activity for third grade has lessons on capitalization and punctuation, spelling and usage. Correct the sentences and then check the answers.
This page has many fun practice quizzes for first through fifth grade.
Show these pictures to students to inspire them to write a story.
This interactive quiz has an beginner and advanced level that have questions about the parts of speech. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Choose a difficulty level and then try to create the plural form of the given words.
This game has players choose the correct homonym to complete the sentence.
Choose a difficulty level and then identify which word is misspelled.
This online spelling game has players identify the incorrect word and then use the correct spelling to rewrite it.
Click on a story and fill in the blanks with examples of different parts of speech. The site will then use your words to create a wacky tale.
This online game has players identify if a sentence has errors.
Look at the painting and then try naming all the singular, plural, and collective nouns. Click on "Grammar's List" for the answers. NOTE: There is a link to a message board.
Here are four games about punctuation marks.
Identify the subject in these sentences. Includes the answers.
This game for younger students has them identify objects, rhyming words, and letters. Each of the characters leads to a different type of game.
These sites have a variety of writing prompts to help students develop stories. Includes some handouts and PowerPoint presentations. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on paragraphs.
Click on "G" for more grammar exercises or "W" for more writing exercises.

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