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Internet Projects

These sites provide information on internet projects for the classroom. See different types of internet-based projects, how to implement the internet projects, and learn how to develop your own internet projects. Includes exemplary internet projects used by teachers and links to many collaborative internet projects for various subject areas. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Global Collaborations, WebQuests, and Library Skills: Searching the Internet.


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This site is a great source to get an understanding of the overall use of the web in the classroom. It provides fundamental ideas, exemplary network-based educational activities, information on internet projects and evaluation strategies, and web implementations in a classroom.
This article provides basic information on how to integrate internet in the classroom. Includes implementation strategies, collaborative projects, and individual projects. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Find out how to teach Math by using a project-based teaching approach. Includes suggested criteria for choosing a project and how to create your own projects. Scroll down for projects on the web. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here are examples of internet projects shared by a classroom teacher. Includes projects information, how they were implemented in the classroom, student showcases, and more.
Learn how Loogootee Elementary West has integrated the internet with their classroom curriculum including social science, science, and literature.
This page lists easy internet project ideas that students where exchange information with other classrooms around the world.
This site focuses on using the internet, real-time data, and experts to enhance learning in the science curriculum.
This non-profit global network houses various global projects that promote collaboration and learning through the use of the internet and technologies. Click "Projects" for different project information and information on how to participate. NOTE: This site contains interactive discussion forums.
This site has collaboration projects where students can exchange their learning experiences worldwide. You can search by age level, subject area, technology type, and collaboration used.
This site documents the 2001 American-Canadian Mt. Everest Expedition and provides lesson plans for elementary and middle school in the following subject areas - reading, math, science, and social studies.
This site has student-developed learning projects that use the internet as a collaborative learning tool from around the world in various subject areas. Classrooms can also participate in the ThinkQuest annual competition.
Connect with the people and science of NASA where classrooms can participate in authentic live events. You can also work with other classrooms under the supervision of a NASA expert. Scroll down for online tools and lesson plans.
Join classrooms around the world to learn about postcard geography, Westward Ho, and peregrine falcons migration. Click "Curriculum ideas" for more internet classroom activities. There is a new topic presented each month.
This is an online database where you can search for projects and classrooms to correspond with from around the world.
This is an online magazine that offers students a virtual space to be become published authors and has model collaborative online projects for teachers.
These sites are about virtual global collaborations. There are many projects that aim to build cross-cultural and collaboration skills. Includes online pen pals, projects, and communities where students and teachers can get information, share ideas, and find partners for online classroom collaborations. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Videoconferencing and Skype.
Theses sites are about WebQuests. Learn about WebQuests and their elements, characteristics of good WebQuests, and creating WebQuests. Includes examples, templates, resources to be used in different content areas and grade levels.
These sites focus on library skills of how to conduct Internet search effectively and how to evaluate the quality of websites. Learn about various search strategies such Boolean and keyword search. There are resources, guidelines, tutorials, and criteria on searching the Internet and website evaluation. Includes a lesson plan, a checklist, and a quiz. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Information Searching Strategies, Reference Resources Online, and Internet Safety.

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