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Anatomy: Nervous System

These sites have illustrations, images, charts, and research material about the human nervous system and its functions. Also includes interactive human body tours, quizzes, and games.


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This site has two great research/hands-on activities for students that can be modified for different grade levels. Includes everything the educator needs to know to perform the lessons/activities.
Includes a diagram of the human body that allows you to click on the groups of nerves within the body. To the left of the page are links to parts of the brain that contain even more info. There is also a glossary of terms.
This site includes an overview of the nervous system, a tour through the body, quizzes, interactive material, and downloads. This is a good site for students to explore. NOTE: This site has a link to chat rooms under the "Interact" link.
This site has a few pictures, some charts, and interesting facts about the human nervous system. Covers the brain, neurons, spinal cord, sensory apparatus, and blood supply.
This site is designed for high school students by high school students. There are some nice pictures and diagrams, as well as information about the functions of nerves, impulse signals, supporting cells, and much more.
The page is full of resources for the student and educator. Includes brain games, worksheets and lessons, science fair projects, and activities.
This is a detailed lesson plan for grades K-8. You will investigate which end of an earthworm is more sensitive to light, odor, sound, and learn why you can't tickle your own foot. A fun experiment for students.
Click on the labels on this interactive chart to find out more about how your nervous system functions.
This multi-section article contains an overview of the nervous system. NOTE: This site contains ads and a pop-up.
See how many nervous system vocabulary words you can find in this printable exercise. A link to the answer key is included.
This page is about the brain and its relationship to the greater nervous system. Includes an interactive diagram of the brain.
This page contains in-depth information about the human nuervous system. Anatomy, vocabulary, nervous processes and brain functions are covered. Includes illustrations.
Here is an index of printables, PDFs, worksheets, word searches, activities, and puzzles about nerves and neuroscience. These activities and printouts are appropriate for various grade levels.

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