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Teaching Tips: Social Networking in Education

These websites focus on Social Networking sites as an educational tool. Find out how the social networks are being used in education for educators as well as for students. There are blogs and articles created and participated by teachers and educators discussing different potential approaches to integrate social networking tools in classrooms as well as their experiences of using social networking tools in education. Includes educational applications, best practices, and implementation examples. There are links to eThemes Resources on Teaching Tips: Wikis in the Classroom, Teaching Tips: Using Online Journals and Blogs, and Internet Safety.


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This weblog explores various issues and roles of social networks in education as well as how it affects educators and students.
Read this news article to see how social network sites have been used in higher education. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Read a blog by a teacher who talks about her take on social networking and how she has integrated this technology in her classroom.
Read about `HotSeat', a social network tool that professors at Purdue University have used in large classes to get students' participation by allowing them to text in class. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Find pros and cons of using Facebook in classroom from this slideshow.
This article suggests ways to use social networking tools, for different age groups, to teach students how to use them appropriately and safely.
This page has ideas and real examples of different approaches to use social networking services for education. The examples are classified into profile-based, content-based, white label, multi-user virtual environments and micro-blogging services.
These sites focus on using Wikis in classroom. There are resources for teachers about Wikis, free websites to sign up for free Wiki spaces, Wiki tutorials, classroom ideas, and examples of actual Wikis in classrooms. There are links to eThemes Resources on Wikipedia in Student Research and Teaching Tips: Using Online Journals and Blogs.
These websites are about using weblogs in the classroom. There are websites where teachers and students can sign up for their own blogs for free. There are also several articles that explain how teachers are using blogs in the classroom. There are also lesson plans. Teachers should be especially cautious about giving out these links as students can access other blogs.
These sites have tips and advice on how children and young adults can use the Internet safely. Includes tips on surfing, chat rooms, and about not giving out personal information on the web. There are online games and activities that teach lessons about Internet safety. There are also pledges and certificates that children can sign. Includes eThemes resources on using online journals and blogs.

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