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Teaching Tips: Graphic Organizers

These sites have printable and interactive graphic organizers to be used in the classroom. Includes KWL charts, webs, clusters, timelines, outlines, fish diagrams, story maps, comparing charts, cause and effect charts, and more. Some sites explain how and why to use graphic organizers in the classroom.


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This site includes access to a variety of interactive graphic organizers.
This site includes access to a variety of graphic organizers. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site looks at the rationale and uses for graphic organizers; includes links to a variety of graphic organizers.
This site provides a selection of graphic organizers, with a corresponding description, and the option to download HTML, PDF, or WORD versions.
This site includes access to a variety of graphic organizers.
This site offers many printable graphic organizers in PDF files.
This site has interactive KWL charts, SQ3R, webs, timelines, and Venn diagrams. Choose the organizer you want, type in your information, and then print it out.
This site shows various graphic organizers and explains how they can be used.
This site has printable worksheets of different graphic organizers.
Here is a lesson plan and a graphic organizer.
This site explains the main types of organizers and provides examples. Click on a type to learn about it.
This site has many graphic organizers to print out.
These examples show how you can use Inspiration or another drawing program to help students organize their thoughts.
Use these graphic organizers for reading comprehension and to better understand story elements.

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