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Teaching Tips: Classroom Use of ELMO Document Cameras

These sites focus on using ELMO document cameras in the classroom. There are suggested ideas and lesson plans on how to integrate document cameras in classroom activities.


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This site includes ideas for using document cameras at various grade levels. NOTE: This site includes ads and sponsored links.
This site links to a selection of interactive lessons for teaching using the ELMO document camera, broken down by elementary, middle school/high school, and any grade level. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Choose from among a comprehensive listing of ideas for using a document camera in the classroom. Includes a breakdown of ideas according to Preschool-Primary Grades Classrooms, Intermediate/Middle School Classrooms, and High School Classrooms.
This four-page PDF file is a lesson plan aiming to help kindergarten students develope inquiry skills through the use of various technology tools including document camera.
In this 13-page PDF file lesson plan, students will learn about 3D shapes of geometry.
Read a success story of how a teacher used the document camera to improve students' writing. NOTE: This site includes discussion forums and ads.

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