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Chemistry: Chemical Equations

These sites will help students learn the rules to balancing chemical equations. Students can study the law of Conservation of Mass. Quizzes, tutorials, and sample problems are available on many of the sites. Included is an eThemes resource on molecular models.


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This site has a chemistry dictionary as well as the periodic table. NOTE: The site includes ads and a forum.
Each element has various sections on either "History," "Forms," "Compounds," "Isotopes," "Uses," "Handling," "Properties," or "Costs."
Students can play the "Element Balancing" game to practice balancing an equation.
Students can take a ten-question quiz on the symbols for the chemical elements.
Students can use this interactive self-checking tutorial to practice balancing an equation.
This site has a variety of chemistry games such as "Element Quiz," "Classic Chembalancer," "Review Chembalancer," and "Brain Boggle Chembalancer." NOTE: The site includes ads.
Students can test their balancing skills with this interactive activity.
This site has an explanation, practice problems, and solutions for the practice problems.
This site has a glossary and quizzes on "Interpreting Formulas" and "Classifying Compounds."
This one-page PDF file has students practice the cross-over method of balancing equations.
This site shows the combustion of pentane reaction and the combustion of hydrogen reaction.
The following web sites have instructions on how to download and use the Chime plug-in for working with three-dimensional molecular models. Find out how wireframe, stick, ball and stick, and space filling models vary from each other and what the advantages and disadvantages are. Learn about Valence Shell Electron Repulsion Pair (VSERP) theory and view VSERP molecular models. Includes images, 3D interactive models, animations, movies, quizzes, and lesson plans.

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