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Latin American Culture

These sites are about the culture and life of the people of Latin America and Latin Americans in the United States. There is information about Latin American music, dance, art, and heritage. One site for girls has information about blending Latin American and American heritage. Includes links to eThemes on South America and various countries in Latin America.


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This site includes an interactive timeline, biographies of famous people of Hispanic heritage, and a concentration game.
Learn about Latin American music, and its influences.
This is a website to go along with the PBS documentary "The City." The documentary and the website explore the lives of Latin American immigrants to the United States.
Click on "Mexico," "Puerto Rico," or "Argentina" to read about the food that people eat in these Latin American countries.
This 57 page PDF file includes many Latin American recipes. The recipes are written first in Spanish, then on the next page in English.
Read this article and learn how Latin American art is being forged and what is being done about it.
Read about the problems of the education system in Latin American countries.
This lesson plan will help students learn more about Latin American culture.
These sites focus on South America and its history, geography, culture, government, food, and indigenous people.
These sites are about El Salvador, a country in Central America. Learn about the country's history, wildlife, and geography. There are also links to information about Hispanic culture, including timelines and famous Hispanic Americans.
Learn about Honduras, the second largest country in Central America. Read about its geography, people, history, land, and more. See photographs and a video that show the devastation of Hurricane Mitch, which killed thousands of people in 1998. Find out about the ancient Mayan civilization that once lived in the area.
These sites are about the South American country of Brazil. Learn about its culture, history, language, geography, animals, and the Amazon. There are first-hand reports about what it's like to be a child growing up in Brazil. Includes maps, photographs, audio files of Brazilian music, and live images from Webcams.

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