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Holiday: St. Patrick's Day

These sites about St. Patrick’s Day include games, crafts, poems, e-cards, and clip art. Learn about the history of this holiday. Tune into a Webcam on March 17 to spy on a leprechaun. Play online games or print out word searches and coloring pages. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on Ireland.


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Click on "Gallery" to view images from past St. Patrick Day's parades in St. Louis. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This is a collection of recipes for making seasonal goodies. Note: The site includes a pop-up ad.
This site has printable color pages, online games, history, stories, and more. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site from the History Channel tells about this holiday, its history, and how it is celebrated in the U.S. Click on the pictures to read more. Video Clips is included.
Fun hands-on projects plus some information about Ireland.
Answer these questions and see what you know about St. Patrick's Day. Note: The site includes pop-up ads. NOTE: The site leads to websites with discussion boards.
Here are several printable sheets including stationery, word searches, poems, and more. Note: The site includes ads.
Read a short history of St. Patrick and the holiday that is named after him.
Solve these 15 word problems related to St. Patrick.
Search backwards, forwards, and diagonally to find 14 words relating to St. Patrick's Day. NOTE: This page contains sponsored links and a banner ad.
These sites include information about the history, art, castles, folklore, and music of Ireland. See maps and photographs of many interesting sites in Ireland. Includes an eThemes Resource on St. Patrick's Day.

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