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Grammar: Prefixes and Suffixes

These sites include interactive games that have students choose which prefixes and suffixes they should add to root words to create new words. Includes lesson plans, worksheets, and rules on how to add prefixes and suffixes.


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Play these four different games to practice using prefixes.
This site has three games that require you to match the root word to a prefix.
This page has definitions for prefixes and suffixes as well as examples.
Print out one-page pdf file and complete this worksheet on the suffix "er".
Try this fun game to test your knowledge of prefixes and suffixes. You can play by yourself or against a classmate.
Here are links to many worksheets on prefixes, suffixes, and root words.
Try this worksheet on prefixes and root words. This is a three page PDF file for grades 4-8.
This is a root word matching game. Download the five page PDF file for the instructions. This activity is suitable for grades 4-8.
In this lesson plan, students will engage in group activities to learn and practice creating new words using prefixes.
Using your knowledge of prefixes and suffixes to identify the meaning of a word. You can choose a level of difficulty.
Using a given clue to guess the correct word.
Match the correct label with a given clue.
Drag and drop a suffix to the correct root word. You can watch a sideshow and vocabulary before taking a quiz.

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