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Famous People: Napoleon Bonaparte

These websites are about Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous military commander and French emperor. There are biographies, portraits, timelines, and historical information on important people and events. Includes a lesson plan, quizzes, games, and artwork images. There is an eThemes resource on the French Revolution.


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This site provides information about Napoleon's life such as myths, Josephine, politics, and war. Includes other perspectives on Napoloen, a timeline, interactive battlefield simulator, and reference materials. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site provides comprehensive information about Napoleon. Click "Essential Napoleon" to learn about key dates and places, family tree, paintings, and more. There are quizzes in "Fun stuff" section. NOTE: This site has discussion forums.
This site has articles and archives of the Napoleonic war. Includes correspondence, letters, and report orders. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This is a student created website about the rise and fall of Napoleon. Includes a biography, paintings, quotes, quizzes and interactive games.
This site has a searchable collection of satiric prints of Napoleon Bonaparte created by Brown University Library. Includes an introductory essay, a chronology, characters, and timeline.
This page provides brief information about Napoleon. There are related articles on the right menu. NOTE: This site has a link to discussion forum.
Learn more about the battle of Waterloo, causes of the war, battle strategies, and causes of defeat. NOTE: This site has a link to discussion forum.
In this lesson plan, students will investigate Napoleon's attempt to regain power in 1815, after his exile of 1814 to Elba through group activity. Includes discussion questions and a vocabulary list. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Test your knowledge about the French Revolution and Napoleon by taking this eighteen-question quiz.
Play interactive games related to Napoleon including a matching game, flashcards, concentration, and a word search.
This site has information and games about Napoleon for younger students and teenagers alike.
View paintings and drawings of Napoleon Bonaparte. NOTE: This site includes artwork for sale.
Learn more about the French Revolution and its causes and effects. These sites are geared toward high school students and include timelines, primary documents, and paintings. Read letters from Marie Antoinette and listen to songs from the time period. There is also a link to an eThemes Resource on France.

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