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Agriculture: Farming Today

These sites contain information about farming today. Learn about modern day techniques such as crop rotation, organic farming, and hydroponics. Play a game, get an idea for a science fair project, or see farm equipment that is used by farmers. Two eThemes resources on Dairy Farming and Farm Animals are included.


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Learn all about growing and harvesting citrus fruits.
Choose the type of farm you want to visit to learn how the food gets from the farm to you. Features audio and video.
Learn about how crop rotation prevents diseases, controls insects, and prevents soil depletion. NOTE: This site has a banner ad.
Learn about organic gardening and get gardening tips. A very informative and interesting site to explore.
Take a virtual journey to a wheat field as it is grown and harvested.
Drawings and brief descriptions of farm tools and machinery used today. Includes some activities that go along with farm tools.
Learn about potatoes, one of the world's most important crops, on this site. After reading these facts, test your knowledge with a potato quiz, or learn how you can grow your own potatoes.
If you need an idea for a science fair project, read this site for agriculturally inspired ideas.
Here are printable brochures, games, tips, and a quiz on farm safety.
This site has lots of games, puzzles, animations, and other activities to help kids learn about agriculture.
These sites provide an introduction into the dairy industry in Missouri and other places. Topics include milk production and cows. There are also online games, interactive quizzes and movies. Statistics related to dairy production are included for students to graph.
Learn about different animals that live on farms, including cows, horses, dogs, cats, and more. Includes many photos, plus audio files of the animal sounds. There are activities, games, and online stories relating to farm life. Includes links to eThemes Resources on dairy farms, chickens, and Missouri animals.

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