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Animals: Bees

Learn more about bees including how they are classified, their characteristics, and their role in pollination. Find out if killer bees are deadly and how you should treat a bee sting. Watch videos including some showing bees communicating by dancing.


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This site includes information on bees, honey, and pollination. NOTE: The site leads to websites with ads.
This site has a good overview about bees and their anatomy. Includes a Quicktime video of the bees' dances. Also learn about the different roles the bees have. NOTE: This site has ads.
Find out about classification, body parts, life cycle, and other bee and honey information at this site.
Biology, history, environment, benefits, and bee farming are all covered.
Read this brief article about bees that explains how bees see.
This site gives information on how to set up your own bee hive observation in an indoor setting.
This lesson plan about bees is aimed at older students, but the questions and experiments could be modified to suit younger students as well.

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