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Animals: Mammals

These sites focus on mammals and the characteristics that make them unique. View many photographs of mammals from all over the world. Find out what they eat and what type of habitat they live in. There is a link to eThemes resources on bats. Includes some audio files, video files, and games.


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This site from the Discovery Channel gives an activity to complete with your students distinguishing mammals from non-mammals. This activity requires mammal pictures as well as resources on mammals. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn more about mammals, their types, their diet, mammalian evolution, etc. There are also lots of colorful illustrations. NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
This site from the Everglades National Park has black and white animal drawings. You have to guess if they are mammals. The "Answer Key" button on the bottom takes you to the answers.
This site explains what mammals are and gives their Latin classification. Click on the picture of a globe to see where these mammals live in Canada and click the camera to see pictures.
Use this site to find out the status and biology of endangered mammals around the world. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Thinkquest Junior 2001 Winner. Student-designed site that features interviews with a professional storyteller and a dolphin trainer. Check out "Fun Lagoon." The site also includes the biological aspects of dolphins, information about each species, and protection of dolphins.
Learn more about the coyote. Listen to wolves howling and see a map that shows where these mammals are found. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Click on the name of an animal to see images of its brains. There are also photographs of the animals and a map showing where they are located.
This section of the site includes a quiz and ideas for helping animals through WWF. Learn more about animals by playing games and taking quizzes.
Click on the icons to find more about these types of mammals. Includes information on the history of these animals and their fossils.
This site includes information on over 400 animals. Learn more about these animals by looking at pictures, watching videos, and reading a variety of facts.
Click on "Mammals" and then choose an animal to view. Includes illustrations and brief descriptions.
This is an animal library that includes audio files of a variety of animals, including many mammals. Click on the name of the mammal to read facts about it and click on the "Listen" button to hear sounds these animals make.
Scroll down to the Mammals heading and then choose an animal. Includes photos and brief descriptions.
This eThemes Resource is about bats and their habitats. Includes information about Missouri bats and caves.

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